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Transgender & LGBTQ+ Treatments

Matched To Your Inner Identity

What is Facial Transition? 

Facial Transition is a cosmetic procedure used to modify facial characteristics to achieve feminisation or masculinisation of features. 

We use a combination of treatments to achieve your desired aesthetic by altering the balance of soft tissue on your face. Each individual patient has their own wants and needs therefore if you require more than soft tissue manipulation, surgical procedures can be done with our leading surgeons. 

With facial transition, the objective is to soften very pronounced masculinised features into characteristics more typically recognised as feminine or vice versa. Facial feminisation is popular with transgender women or those assigned male at birth. The same applies to facial masculinisation, where the face is altered to have more masculine features. 

This form of cosmetic procedure is very personalised to each individual but mostly focuses on bone structures, jaw line, cheeks and nose shapes. 

Treatment Procedure 

A wide range of treatments are combined to deliver the best results to you - your doctor will recommend the best choice for you. Each case is subject to each individual's wants and needs.  

Treatment Results 

The final results of facial transition will help alleviate the feelings of gender dysphoria that some individuals may experience. 

Facial transition can be completed in one sitting, but sometimes multiple sittings are required for an extensive procedure. The goals and requirements of each person will vary, as will the procedure outcomes. 

Treatment Cost 

Facial Transition starts from £750. 

Prices will vary from individual to individual due to the fact that this procedure is highly personalised. 

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