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Face Complexion

Thread Lift

Customised For Your Needs

What Is Thread Lifting? 

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure that lifts and tightens areas of the face. Facial threads are a great way to help reposition soft tissues. Each thread is made of collagen-stimulating materials (biocompatible and fully resorbable) and can be used to lift eyebrows, cheeks and jowls.  At Vindoc Aesthetics, only premium quality threads are used; these threads typically stay in the tissue for approximately 15 months with results lasting up to 24 months. Thread lifting is the ideal procedure for those with early signs of soft tissue sagging and those who would like to reshape their faces.   

Treatment Procedure 

Thread lifting is performed under local anaesthesia, making the experience pain-free. A thread lift procedure involves sutures that are collagen simulators to produce a subtle yet visible 'lift' to the skin.  

Treatment Results 

You will typically see an instant result following the procedure, although best results are normally seen at 3 months after the procedure due to collagen stimulation and production. The average downtime for this procedure (from swelling, bruising and minor skin puckering) is 4 days. The final results last for 24 months on average. 

Treatment Cost: 

Treatment cost ranges from £900 to £2500, depending on the areas to be treated. 

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